Residential property in Chantilly

Total renovation, interior and exterior, of this superb property in Chantilly.
Complete redesign of interior spaces. Installation of domotics (home automation). Choice of materials, furniture and all the decoration. Project management.

Mr & Mme M were looking for a suitably large property to house their seven children. The property they identified had the required volumes but needed a full redesign of the interior spaces to adapt the layout to their family needs and modern living.

Mirage’s brief was to give advice on the redesign of interior spaces and decoration and to oversee the works and decoration with a limited timescale.

A large living area was created by removing a number of non-loadbearing and loadbearing interior walls and inserting an open hearth in place of the existing chimney. The living room now opens into the dining room, which in turn opens into the designer kitchen with its central working island. A staircase was created between the ground floor and the basement as an extension to the central staircase in order to make use of all the habitable space in the house and to allow the installation of a living area in the basement for the children. An additional facility and comfort was provided by the installation of home automation, the creation of a wine cellar and a home cinema. High quality materials were employed throughout including parquet for the flooring and aluminium stair risers, creating a warm and at the same time modern atmosphere.